Workout to Get Slim Legs in a Week

Two-exercise workout to tighten your legs in a week. Alex Silver-Fagan, a Nike trainer, believes that to get your legs and buttocks into great shape,you need to do squats! Yeah, I know, squats. Well, they work. So, we've made a week training plan for you. You should perform only two exercises each day. They're simple,

Five Signs of High Blood Pressure

Hi, I am Qila. On this occasion, I will talk about 5 Common Signs of High Blood Pressure that you should to know. Knowing the early 5 Common Signs of High Blood Pressure can help you receive the best treatment before it becomes serious or even life threatening. So let's get started with a closer

Five Emotional Wellness Tools

Hello, everybody, my name is Dr.Talia Marcheggiani. I am a naturopathic doctor with a focus in mental health and hormonal health. Despite the increasing amount of research into mental health conditions and psychiatric conditions, and the increase in interventions and early recognition and pharmaceutical therapies that come with mental health diagnoses, we're actually seeing more

Purified Drinking Water vs. Spring Water Review

Hello, everyone. This is. . . . . . review!All right ladies and gentlemen,we are here with yet another review. So this review is, has really come to fruition and now into existence, mostly due to a massive outpouring of community support -- and by community support, I mean I've received numerous emails, messages via

What are the benefits of coconut water?

(CNN)Some people love the taste, and some hate it. But there is no debate that coconut water has boomed in popularity over the past decade. So what is the truth about this trendy beverage, often marketed for its hydrating benefits and praised as a hangover cure? Ewoldt agrees with the association's conclusion and is unsure

Meet the Chef who is Debunking Detox, Diets and Wellness

Anthony Warner alias blogger turned author the Angry Chef is on a mission to confront the alternative facts surrounding nutritional fads and myths A few minutes into my encounter with the Angry Chef, I begin to wonder if his moniker might be ironic, like the big guy whose friends call him Tiny. On the basis

One-month Sugar Detox: A Nutritionist Explains How and Why

(CNN)If you've read about the latest wellness trends, you may have entertained the idea of a diet detox. In fact, strict detoxing can cause issues including fatigue, dizziness and low blood sugar. About 10% of the US population are true sugar addicts, according to Robert Lustig, professor of pediatrics and member of the Institute for

The 10 Lаziеѕt Wауѕ Tо Lоѕе Wеight…Quiсklу

The 10 Lаziеѕt Wауѕ Tо Lоѕе Wеight…Quiсklу Want tо lose wеight, but саn’t bе bothered to drаg уоurѕеlf off the sofa and dоwn tо thе gym? Jоin thе сlub! Exеrсiѕе iѕ an important раrt оf wеight lоѕѕ, but it’s not thе оnlу wау: hеrе are our top tеn lаzу wауѕ to lose thоѕе extra роundѕ

Five Foods to Combat Pain

Five Foods to Combat Pain Before уоu dash tо thе medicine саbinеt to treat your ѕtiff jоintѕ, arthritis оr back раin, trу thе раntrу or fridge. Feeling better is muсh еаѕiеr thаn you think. Hеrе, I’vе hаndрiсkеd fivе оf thе mоѕt powerful pain-suppressing foods that ѕhоuld be оn your ѕhоррing liѕt. Peppers 1. Rеd Bеll