Good Health Begins in Your Mouth

I created this campaign because I believe dental health is one of the simplest factors that affect your entire health because good health begins in your mouth. If your teeth and your gum tissue is not in good health or good condition,it could be a source or a way for inflammation to enter your body and cause havoc throughout your body. Not only is it super important internally, but externally as well, for the structures inside your mouth, such as your teeth, your bone, your gum tissue, as well as the bacteria that normally live in your mouth. My campaign is "Friends Don't Let Friends Brush with Toxipaste."

Maybe you're using toxipaste,and maybe your dental hasn't changed or is declining. Maybe your teeth are more sensitive today than they were even last year. Maybe your teeth are darker or dingy. I'm gonna go over some of those things with you. I created a 100% natural solution that actually answers the question why do you really brush your teeth? If I ask you that question, you're probably gonna tell me you brush your teeth clean them, and that's partially true,but,in my opinion, that is not the answer to the question. what is the number one reason you should be brushing your teeth? I can tell you, if you're brushing with toxipaste,you're not even close to hitting the number one reason why you should be brushing your teeth. First off, I wanna tell you the reasons brushing your teeth with toxipaste isn't really doing you any good. It might be cleaning your teeth, that's true. It has some ingredients in here that actually clean or strip your teeth and help to break down plaque and acids and things like that. I wanna go over the seven reasons that you should be looking at what you're brushing your teeth with and finding out if there's any of these seven ingredients in here that could be causing more harm than good.

The first ingredient I wanna talk to you about is triclosan. Triclosan is an antibacterial agent,and though it has been shown to help with gingivitis, there are other reasons why you could not want to use it, because it can cause more harm than good. It has been shown to be linked to antibiotic resistance. It has been shown to cause endocrine disruption, and it has also been linked to cancers, including ovarian, prostate, and testicular cancers. Toothpaste, this is interesting, appears to be one of the most potent delivery vehicles for triclosan, and research found that people who brush their teeth with toothpaste that contains it, had more than five times as much triclosan in their urine as those who did not. It does enter your body, and toothpaste is the number one portal of getting it in there.

The second reason to avoid toxipaste is because it contains SLS,or sodium lauryl sulfate. It's the foaming agent that causes the foam to happen inside your mouth. The foam doesn't have any cleaning ability. It just foams. What's really interesting is that SLS interferes with the functioning of your taste buds by breaking down the phospholipids on your tongue. This enhances the bitter taste and is thought to be the reason why everything tastes really bad right after you brush your teeth. SLS has also been linked to skin irritation and painful canker sores, as well as cancer. SLS.

The third ingredient to avoid when using toothpaste is artificial sweeteners,including aspartame. They're added to commercial toothpaste to make them taste more palatable. If you think about chemicals,most chemicals don't taste good,so they have to add ingredients that are going to neutralize a bad taste or make them taste better. For the general public, and for most commercial companies,they add artificial sweeteners,like aspartame and things like that. Aspartame is primarily made up of aspartic acid and phenylalanine. The phenylalanine has been synthetically modified to carry a methyl group, which provides the majority of the sweetness, but this is what's interesting,the phenylalanine methyl bond, it's called a methyl ester, is a really weak bond,which allows the methyl part, or group,of the phenylalanine to easily break off and form methanol. You may have heard the claim that aspartame is harmless because methanol is also found in fruits and vegetables. That's true. However, in fruits and vegetables,the methanol is firmly bonded to pectin from the fruit, and it allows it to safely pass through your system in your digestive tract, so you eliminate it. That's not true with the methanol that's created by aspartame because it's not bonded to anything, so it's not eliminated by your body.  That's the first problem with it. Problem number two is the fact that humans are the only mammals who are not equipped with a protective biological mechanism that breaks down methanol into a harmless acid called formic acid. In humans, the methanol alcohol travels through your blood vessels,into sensitive areas, such as your brain, where methanol is then converted to formaldehyde. Since there's no catalyst present,the formaldehyde is free to cause huge damage internally for you. Symptoms of methanol poisoning are headaches, ear buzzing, dizziness, nausea,gastrointestinal disturbances, weakness,vertigo, chills, memory lapses, numbness,shooting pains in the extremities,behavioral disturbances, and neuritis. That's a lot. That's all from aspartame,so it converts into the end product is formaldehyde inside your body, which is toxic to you.

The fourth ingredient is fluoride. I wanna talk about fluoride for a second. Fluoride's a known neurotoxin. The problem is most people, and especially if you have children, don't always spit out all of their toothpaste, and kids normally will swallow it, so the fluoride can be absorbed very quickly into your digestive tract. Swallowing toothpaste is one of the forms, ways to get fluoride, but also fluorinated water. It can be toxic, especially for kids, and it shows up as dental fluorosis, so the darkening of your teeth. Fluoride is a chemical that also accumulates in your tissues over time, and it can cause problems with your enzymes, which are extremely important in just about every function, and produces a number of other serious health adverse effects, including neurological and endocrine dysfunctions. That's a problem with fluoride.

The next ingredient is DEA, diethanolamine. DEA is found in many foaming products,including toothpaste, but it's also in a lot of other personal care products. It's a hormone disruptor and a potential carcinogen or cancer-causing ingredient. The problem is that it's absorbed very quickly through the skin or through the gum tissue, and it can react with other ingredients to form DNEA,which has been linked to cancers of the stomach, esophagus, liver, and the bladder. The Environmental Working Group,which is the EWG, which is a website that rates how toxic ingredients are, rates DEA as a number 10 on a scale of 10 being the most toxic. It's really concerning. It's because it causes organ system toxicity,as well as a cancer risk. In fact, the California Environmental Protection Agency listed DEA as a possible human carcinogen. You wanna avoid that.

Another interesting thing is microbeads. Some companies have been putting microbeads in their toothpaste, but they're also in other body washes and face scrubs and things like that. What they are are little plastic pellets. The microbeads are very environmentally unfriendly because they go down your drain, into the water system, and the environment,they're not very friendly to the environment, as well as the animals that drink the water or live in the water systems. Ultimately, there's good reason to avoid them for yourself, not just for the environment. Recently, a dental hygienist reported, in Dallas, finding microbeads in the gum tissues,so when she was cleaning gums of the patients, she was finding these little microbeads stuck inside the gum tissue between the gums and the teeth, and that is a portal of entry for bacteria and inflammation right into your body,not to mention that it doesn't do the bonding or the strengthening of your gum tissue to support your teeth and your bone any good.

Propylene glycol is a lot of times also found in toxipaste. It's a mineral oil, and it's a known skin, eye, and lung irritant,and can also cause organ system toxicity, so obviously, nothing you really wanna brush your teeth with. If you're brushing your teeth with something that looks like this, the main reason you probably think you're brushing your teeth is to clean your teeth. I'm here to tell you that while you might be cleaning your teeth,there's actually a more important reason you should be brushing your teeth every day. The number one reason you should be brushing your teeth is to strengthen them. Your teeth are living, porous substances. Every day, as you're losing minerals from your teeth, you're wanting to put those minerals back in. If you're losing more minerals, if more minerals are leaving your teeth, than you replace, you end up with sensitivity. If anyone watching this has a sensitive spot on their tooth, it's a spot where you, we call it demineralization, where minerals have left that area of your tooth. If they're not restored or replaced, that spot can then get further deeper into your enamel, and into your dentin, and then cause what we know as a cavity. Furthermore it could get into a root, into the root, and you would need a root canal. There's only two ways to put the minerals back in your teeth, and it all has to happen inside your mouth. You can either eat the minerals, which is really important, and the best way to do it; however, there's two problems with that. The standard American diet is so processed that most foods that we're eating today are high in sugar, acidic, and very low in the mineral content. Even if you're eating a 100% natural or organic diet, there's a problem with the soil. Our soil today is so mineral depleted, that the foods that come out of them, like carrots and radishes and peppers and celery and things like that, don't have the same mineral content they had years ago for our ancestors. Probably 50 years ago, we could've eaten one or two carrots, and the minerals would be there, right there by our teeth, in order to replace the minerals we're losing, but today, you would have to eat eight or nine carrots to even get those minerals back in your teeth. You can either eat your minerals, or you can brush your teeth with them. If you're using something that looks like this, it doesn't contain minerals. It only contains ingredients that are going to attempt to clean your teeth.

Unfortunately, and let me back up for a second, some of those ingredients, like SLS and triclosan, are very, very strong,and they can actually irritate or damage your natural biome of bacteria that live in your teeth and in your mouth. You have bacteria that helps to fight off the overgrowth of bad bacteria. When we're eating a high processed diet with the high acids, that bacteria can start to be disrupted, and you can get an overgrowth of bad bacteria. It also happens with the harsh ingredients that are in toxipaste as well. If you're destroying your natural biome,your natural oral biome, you can get an overgrowth of bad bacteria. That overgrowth of bad bacteria can then lead to inflammation, gum disease, as well as bad breath, and things like that, cavities. The two ways, again, to get the minerals back in your teeth is to either eat the minerals through your diet, but even so,the soil is depleted, so even eating natural, organic food may not be enough to replace your minerals in your teeth, or by brushing your teeth with something that contains minerals. Hang on there because I created something that contains those minerals. Before I go into this, I want to talk about one more thing. I want to quickly talk to you about the fact that all of this has to happen inside your mouth. You can't take a supplement to replace the minerals that you've lost from your teeth. If you have a sensitive spot, no mineral supplement is going to take from inside your bloodstream. There is not connection from the bloodstream here to the outsideto of your tooth,so everything has to happen inside your mouth. It's important to note too that that surface has be super clean.

What I didn't talk about with toxipaste is if you have sensitive teeth,most of the time, toothpaste contains glycerin, glycerin tends to put a coating, so say this spot right here is your sensitive spot, it's developing into what could be a cavity, if you catch it quick enough, you can put the minerals back in, and that sensitivity could go away;however, all of this has to happen right in your mouth, at the spot of the demineralization. If it has a coating of glycerin on it, unfortunately,the minerals may not be able to get back into there, so what I like to say is the glycerin is putting a band aid on top of it. When you brush with something like my Dirty Mouth Tooth powder, it's going to take that glycerin coating off of that sensitive spot, and it's gonna open that sensitive spot up very quickly for a couple days. The more you brush with something that has minerals in it, the minerals should be able to go back into the tooth, the sensitivity will go away,but you have to give it about a week for that to happen. Sometimes I tell people when they start to switch, if you have sensitive teeth, brush three times a day, and that's gonna help that process happen a little bit quicker. This all has to happen, the surface has to be clean,the minerals have to be present inside your mouth,for remineralization to happen.

Now I want to go into exactly why do you brush your teeth. Yes, we brush our teeth because we want clean teeth,but the fact is brushing with plain water,simply brushing with water, is probably healthier for you than brushing with something that has those seven ingredients in it. Water will help, with the friction of the brush, remove the food and the debris and the plaque from your teeth,and it's not gonna cause any internal harm. The only problem with just brushing water is there's no minerals. What I created was a solution, something that will help put the minerals right there where you need them, in your mouth, clean the surface, and put the minerals back in your teeth. When my daughter was two, she was born with a defect in one of her molars,and when that molar surfaced at the age of two,there was a defect, a natural cavity, so I took her to the dentist,and the dentist looked at that tooth and said, "There's no way this tooth is gonna make it. I'll put a temporary filling over that spot, but within a year, she's probably gonna lose that filling, and she's gonna have to have that tooth pulled." I wasn't satisfied with it, and I realized,after doing some research, that if I continued brushing with what I was brushing with, that tooth was doomed,and she was gonna have to have it pulled. I started to do some research because I thought "What do I have to lose but one tooth?" What I discovered was that there's a natural ingredient in the earth that provides the minerals that your teeth need, in the exact form, because not only do they have to be inside your mouth, but they have to be in the ion form.

What's really interesting is clay has the exact minerals that your teeth need. Clay is what I created my tooth powder out of. It's a clay-based, mineral-rich powder that you brush your teeth with. It's 100% active ingredients. Clay does a couple things. Clay's very, very gentle on your teeth. It naturally cleans, naturally detoxifies, naturally whitens, but the best thing of all is that it contains those minerals that your teeth need to stay strong. When you brush with Dirty Mouth Toothpowder, you're doing four things at once. You are cleaning, you're strengthening, you're whitening, and detoxifying. When I talk about detoxifying, let me tell you, clay has a very strong bind. It has a negative charge, and most toxins and most bacteria and viruses have a positive charge, so what that does, when the clay, when you're brushing with it, it forms a strong bind to toxins, and as you're brushing, it pulls it out, holds onto it, and when you spit it out,you spit out the toxin. It detoxifies your teeth and your gum tissue, but it's really gentle. It doesn't destroy your natural bacteria that live in there. Remember the natural biome that I told you you have that mostly was destroyed by all those harsh ingredients, including mouthwashes? Dirty Mouth Toothpowder only contains clays and very gently ingredients that let your natural biome flourish, so give it about a month. Your natural bacteria will begin to flourish. It will be able to fight off bad bacteria. It will help prevent gum disease, and it's going to allow your breath to stay fresher. It's really interesting.

You also want to stimulate your saliva. You want your saliva to happen. If you suffer from dry mouth, one of the reasons could be what you're brushing your teeth with or using as mouthwash. It can cause a dry mouth, and the saliva, your saliva, does a couple things, but it's very protective. It helps to cleanse your teeth and wash away the acids and the sugars from your teeth to prevent any kind of damage. Your dental health is more important than you probably realized,especially as I'm going through this,and it's really, really simple to get back on track,which is why I like the campaign friends don't let friends brush with toxipaste because once you realize how simple it is to change one thing in your daily habits, one routine, it's really easy, and it affects your entire body, and it can affect your kids as well. You're gonna see whiter teeth, stronger teeth, you're gonna have fresher breath,and internally, you're gonna be able to fight disease,you're gonna have less inflammation, and all sorts of things.

I want to show you really quick Dirty Mouth Toothpowder. It is a powder. It's 100% active ingredients. It's really super simple to use. This is the one ounce container. This will last approximately four months,three to four months for one person brushing twice a day. This is our mini size, this is the mini tooth powder,it has 60 brushings, approximately one month for one person. This is the white formula. We have a black formula that has added charcoal for added whitening. What I suggest, if you're a new friend to Primal Life Organics and Dirty Mouth Toothpowder,what I suggest is getting the white formula first because the white formula doesn't contain charcoal, and if you're brushing with something like this, there's a great possibility that your teeth have holes in them, or pockets, where they've lost minerals. What happens with the charcoal,is that it tends to bind to those areas and can cause a grayish tone to your teeth. To avoid that,very simply brush for about a month, so a mini size is great, brush for about a month with the white formula before switching to the black formula. Once you've replaced those minerals, and your teeth are nice and strong and solid, then you can use a black formula if you'd like for added whitening power, but start with the white formula. It's simple to use. All you do is wet your brush down, I call it dip the tip with a wet brush, then you just tap off the excess, whatever sticks to your brush is all you need. This is it. You do not need a lot of powder. This is all you need to brush your teeth with. Then you just brush for two minutes like you normally would. That's it, simple. You spit. I suggest spitting.

I do get the question, "Can I swallow it?" It is safe to swallow, so for kids we do make a bubblegum flavor, it's sweetened with monk fruit, and the monk fruit, it's just really cool, the sweet comes from an antioxidant,so there's no sugar in the bubblegum or the sweet flavors that we have. It's an antioxidant from monk fruit that it's sweetened with, so it's sugar free, but what I usually tell people is that it's safe to swallow,but if you remember how I told you clay binds to toxins, as an adult, if you know to spit, then spit because you wanna spit those toxins out. As a kid, if they don't get spitting, the spitting concept yet, it's okay. It's safe to swallow. It's just going to go through their system and actually pull more toxins and eliminate more toxins. There are people that actually do, and I do myself, clay detoxes,so you actually ingest clay. Along as it's food grade, you can ingest the clay and do a clay detox. It is safe to swallow, these are all food grade; however, like I said, because it holds onto toxins, I suggest spitting instead of swallowing your tooth powder.

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Again, Dirty Mouth Toothpowder, it's going to do the number one thing that you want your toothpaste to do. You want it to replace the minerals. You wanna fill in the holes from the minerals that have left. You wanna remineralize your teeth. That's going to strengthen them. Secondly, it's gonna clean, it's going to detoxify, and it's gonna whiten your teeth, so what more can you ask? Don't let your friends brush with toxipaste. Be a great friend and let them know about Dirty Mouth Toothpowder. If you don't tell them, they're gonna be mad because they're gonna see your beautiful white teeth and ask what you're doing, and then you're gonna have to come clean that you found this really cool tooth powder, and you ditched toxipaste, and they're gonna wonder what kind of friend are you if you didn't share that information with them? Get on their good side, and tell your friends.

I'm Trina Felber. I'm a registered nurse and the CEO of Primal Life Organics.

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