Experts Reveal The Secret To A Long, Healthy Life All Has To Do With Your Spouse

Married couples might joke and say they’re going to their grave early from all the stress they cause each other, but that is possibly very far from the truth!

Your husband may make you want to tear your hair out some days, but if he is happy, that means you might live a long, healthy life.

Wellness expert Dr. Michael Roizen of Cleveland Clinic says that happy marriages and health go together because, after all, he suggests that the closest friendship we have is our spouse.

“Happiness and marriage are all incredibly important, they’re essentially ways of ablating the stress effect,” Dr. Roizen said.

One way to look at your marriage and spice things up to have some fun with your partner, you can look at these 9 ways to have a healthy sex life.

The research was conducted on 2,000 couplesthat ranged in age between 50 and 94 years old. The study showed that most couples with happy partners were in better health.

If you are looking for more tips on how to live a healthy life well into your golden years, you can read what this 90-year-old had to say about her own healthy life!

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